My name is Justin Cook and I'm a music, lifestyle and editorial photographer based in Austin, TX.

Having grown up in the woodsy countryside of Central New York, adventure was instilled in me at an early age. If I knew I was going on a road trip, I would make sure to take multiple disposable cameras with me to capture moments along the way. Still today, my favorite thing to do is to travel the world taking pictures of people and the experiences we share. Photography is my passion and I feel so lucky that I get to pursue something that I love as a profession. I revel in the challenge of telling a story solely through still imagery and I find great joy in giving a brand's message the proper and honest visual representation that it deserves.

A photograph may be interpreted in countless ways but the only thing that matters is if it makes you feel something. If you need the kind of visual storytelling or brand story that gives you the feels, please contact me.

Photo by Mack Eveland

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Jack Daniels / Los Angeles Lakers/ Wilhelmina / CAA / True Grit Management / AT&T / Visionary Media Group / LA Models / Chase Bank / HuffPost / Fusion Brand Marketing / Camp Gladiator / Why & How / TT Management / Thrive Wines / Honey Bunches of Oats / AMFM Music Management / Q Prime Artist Management / Chromatic Publicity / Brand Models / J'Adore Models Manchester / Hotel Vegas + Volstead / Classic Rock Couture / AOL / D'Angelico Guitars / Anthony Franco Designs / 6A MGMT / Women In Sports and Events / Heritage Boots / Valorie Darling Photography / Keith and James / Whitney Fusion

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