Junaco in Studio

Joey Does a Shred

Last year, my friends in Junaco asked me to come by the studio to take video as they recorded their debut EP, Awry. The EP is fantastic, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check it out right now. Like for real, go to whatever streaming platform you use and play it as you read this. I’ll wait.

Lucky for me, Shahana had brought a disposable film camera and said something to the effect of, “go nuts.” While I didn’t go nuts, I did take some shots that I like so I thought I’d feature some of them below. I grew up using disposable cameras and I really miss the laissez faire attitude of shooting with them. Sometimes that shows in a bad way, but sometimes it allows you to capture a moment in such a candid, care-free way that you wouldn’t if you were using a more professional camera.

Take a peak at some images from my evening with Shahana, Joey, Tejas, Kit and producer Omar Yakar at Boulevard Recording in Hollywood, CA. Oh, Mac and Al came by to smoke, dance and hug - as they do.


Shahana, the Ringmaster

Guitar Land


Kit and Omar


Joey and Omar


Air Guitar

Live Room

Smoke Break

A Moment

Checking In

Me, by Shahana

Song and Dance Men


Using Format